Sunday, May 05, 2013

Giving up some of my scoops

A nice quote from here but via here:

I am a feminist. I think there's enough ice cream to go around, but it does mean those of us with 3 scoops might have to give one or two up

THISMUCH. Giving up scoops is hard but I have plenty of scoops to spare. For a long time I didn’t notice that some people had hardly any ice cream at all while I had lots. Then for a while I thought “get your own ice cream, you moocher”. Now I realise that I didn’t really want all that ice cream in the first place and it’s much more fun to share.

Unfortunately, like all metaphors, this one breaks if you push it too far. Which – needless to say – I did. I’m a computer scientist, what do you expect? For one thing, nobody’s going to want my second-hand scoops.  So let me be less poetic: some things, like wages and access to services are limited resources. You’re welcome to some of my scoops. Some things, such as respect, are not limited. So I won’t stop anyone from having as many scoops as they want.

So in conclusion I ruined the metaphor. But we all got to think about ice cream, I guess.

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