Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Data Dealer: an online game about privacy

Data Dealer is an online game about privacy protection. You play a company trying to collect and exploit people’s profile information. You do deals with various companies and agencies to supply you with various types of information and your goal is to develop a profile database that will generate a lot of money.

One of my perennial concerns is the fact that we humans are bad at attaching value to our private data and at making deals for goods and services which we pay for with data. Our intuitions about how things work in meatspace don’t aid us much in the online world and it’s complicated: situations change rapidly and can have a radical effect on the importance of data.  And to make matters more interesting, the notion of value on both sides is highly subjective anyway.

For this reason we need guidance on how to value our private data and this game is a decent attempt to develop our intuition.  At the moment it is interesting rather than fun, but they have a kickstarter project to finish development of a more fully-featured multiplayer version.

It’s a good cause, consider investing.


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