Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No Atheists in Intensive Care Units, my arse

An excellent post by Jen.
It’s not just the snubbing of science that irritated me. It made me think, “Why do you think your God saved your husband, but put my mom through so much pain? Why is he worth saving but she’s made to suffer through all of this? What kind, just God would do that?”
That’s when I was glad I was an atheist in that ICU. While my Greek Orthodox grandparents were weeping and distraught, asking me desperately why God would punish my mother like this, I understood that nothing divine decided this.  It did not reflect a flaw in my mother’s character or some sin that god was punishing. It did not reflect the frequency of prayers from all the church lists she had been added to, nor was it punishment for having rabid atheists for a husband and daughter. It was bad luck, a random mutation in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
There are atheists in foxholes and in ICUs. We prefer to take comfort in the fact that shit happens to the myth that people thrive or suffer based on the capricious will of a highly improbable entity whose existence we cannot demonstrate and whose arbitrary decisions we are not worthy to understand, although we’re apparently worthy to suffer regardless.

But Jen says it better than I do, read her post.

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