Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The best of us

My nephew has been diagnosed with a condition he can’t escape. It’s going to be difficult for him while he’s a kid and nearly as hard when he gets older.

He will have to try a bit harder than everyone else to do almost everything. He is to be admired for this, but we all know he will face years and possibly a lifetime of being mocked.

Fuck all of you who claim that free thought bloggers are bullies. I know bullies and my nephew will know them all his life. He’ll understand his condition and be as prepared for it as he possibly can be because his parents and my wife are brilliant, caring people.

So you people with shit agendas that involve dragging up nonsense about a particular blogger or something because you are are a self indulgent idiot, today of all days fuck off. Remember the people who have to work harder than you do and shut the fuck up.

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