Monday, September 02, 2013


I posted a comment here. My intention was to complain about bits and bobs from my childhood to show certain people what whining really is (those people don’t even know what whining is, I;m the expert). But I ended up thinking HOLY FUCK, HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO ME?

I was caned quite a lot at school. There were two methods:

1. You were forced to hold out your hand – often held in place by a third party – and were struck up to a dozen times on your hand by a special instrument designed to deliver as much pain as possible, More on that later.

2. You were bent over a table with your trousers and underpants round your ankles in front of the whole class and were beaten on the arse with the same torture device, with everyone watching.

The cane was a bendy wooden whip designed for the purpose. I don’t believe they were issued to teachers, I expect teachers had to buy them, Which means that there were shops specialising in devices specifically designed to inflict as much pain on children as was dubiously legal.

And the nation was outraged when caning was abolished,

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