Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More on e-books

You see, this is a good attitude.

Plus, those books of Gaiman’s aimed at children are hardly recognisable as being such, which is exactly as they should be. They are good books with good, complex stories and interesting characters. Very much like Pratchett’s books for children, which every adult should read.

I vaguely remember but can’t find a quote by Terry Pratchett along the lines of:it being easy to write stories about animals that can talk but a lot more difficult to write ones about people who can think.

In my memory and possibly entirely made up, this was a dig by Pratchett at things like Harry Potter. Bland, formulaic, repetitive crap with no interesting characters and the same ‘story’ un every single book.

Both authors deal with magic. Here’s how they differ:

Rowling relies on the Subjugated Child With A Destiny. This is such an over-used and over-rated trope, no wonder everyone got sick of it.

Pratchett wrote about children who have difficult things to do and did them. His books are about learning to be what they think they are. Rowling’s books are about telling children how bland and stupid they can be.


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