Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who not to fuck

In this day and this age, a whole lot of people seem obsessed with telling people who they aren’t allowed to fuck.  Sometimes it’s anyone of the same sex.  Sometimes it’s anyone they’re not married too.  Often, they’d much rather force a child to have sex with someone she doesn’t want to than allow consenting adults to have sex with the people they do want to.  This is a perspective so warped that I hardly know where to begin.  Which, of course, isn’t going to stop me trying.

When I started this post I intended to joke about the fact that so many of the people in power around the world seem oddly concerned with telling adults what sorts of sex they’re allowed to have.  I had a list of reasons why this might be so and sarcastic comments about each of them. But it turns out I couldn’t find any humour in it after all.  It’s not funny. It’s not not funny because people are suffering. As awful as that is, you can make it funny by mocking attitudes and the bigots who hold them.  It’s not not funny for that reason, it’s not funny because of one of the items in my list:

Lots and lots of people are bigots and people in power are just a representative sample.

See? That’s not funny at all.

There’s something about sex that makes people feel entitled to judge. In fact, they feel compelled to judge.  Even people you might not generally think of as bigots are at it.  Women are sluts if they have ‘too many’ sexual partners. They’re frigid if they don’t have enough.  If they make themselves look attractive, they’re asking to be raped.  If they don’t, they obviously need a good raping to loosen them up.  Homosexuals are defined entirely in terms of their sexuality: they’re homosexuals before they are people.  Sometimes they aren’t even people. Often, they’re trying to convert everyone to homosexuality.  Sometimes they can do what they want behind closed doors but they shouldn’t force it down people’s throats by, you know, mentioning it or kissing in public or trying to adopt children.

Why is this? Why do we so easily feel so highly qualified to decide and – at length – tell people who they should and shouldn’t be fucking?

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