Thursday, November 21, 2013

She was never told why she was hauled away

Because of my frivolous suspension from Twitter at the hands of a bullying idiot, I’m unable to widely distribute news of this horribleness:

I hope he’s proud.


  1. So just to get this straight. I didn't suspend you from Twitter. Twitter suspended you from Twitter. They suspended you for harassment.

    1. David. I didn't say that you suspended me from Twitter. I did say that my suspension from Twitter was caused by a bullying idiot.

      Twitter didn't suspend me for harassment. It suspended me because you claimed I harassed you.

      Isn't there this whole innocent until proven something something around here?

  2. Funny that "FTBullies" are silencing people on Twitter but the only verified example of anyone on either side getting someone suspended is on theirs! Great own goal from Dave there.

  3. Also, David, it was very interesting indeed that you commented about yourself, not about the link