Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Update: I don't have the slightest doubt that bullying behaviour on social media can be the cause of ailments like PTSD as well as triggers. If you bully people on Twitter or defend people who do, then fucking shame on you. You are a terrible person. If you bully people on Twitter because they've been hurt on Twitter, then you are not even anything resembling a person. If your position is really that a person can't be traumatised by systematic bullying then I really don't think you count as a person, so you won't be posting here.

Oh I don’t know much about triggers. I don’t have much terrible in my background.  But let me tell you a thing.  I had a friend once who was… well, she was a force of nature.
My favourite story about her is this: she took me to a pub in the Yorkshire Dales. We got blocked in by the various cars and lorries of a film crew. They were filming Hearbeat. She was quite nervous because as it turned out she was off her fucking tits on LSD and also she had stolen the car we’d turned up in.

I was, what, only just about 17, but I had to tell all these fancy TV people that we needed to manoeuvre this (stolen) car from out between their wagons and trailers while she was, as it turned out, tripping fairly badly. It took a good half hour.

I didn’t say she wasn’t a liability, but I’ve never met anyone like her.

So here’s the thing. She died. Of AIDS. Well, of complications arising. It was pneumonia or something like it that she died of.  I was with her when she died.
And I will tell you this: I thought the shock of so much life leaving the world would never leave me, but it did, eventually.  Years passed and I started to remember the good (and frankly insane) times.
But there are triggers. Things that make me cry, from time to time. Colours, smells, textures, foods, stupid, blithering fucking acts. These remind me of someone who was more human than anyone else I’ve ever met.

My point is that almost anything can be a trigger. My cat rolling around because she has nothing in the world to care about. My wife reaching toward me because she thinks I might be sad about something.  These things can make me cry uncontrollably.
The new things trigger the old things. 

People contract PTSD for all sorts of reasons. Shitty fucking things happen to people;  And PTSD can be triggered by anything: things that have nothing to do with the original trauma.
Let me say that again: the trauma could be rape, violence or other horribleness.  But the trigger could be anything at all.

People being horrible on Twitter could certainly be a trigger.  Why would anyone say it;s not?

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