Friday, January 03, 2014

That’s what I should have said

There’s a difference between a business that refuses to serve pork and one that refuses to serve homosexuals.

That’s what I should have said.  i should have said it when all those infuriating people defended B&B owners who wouldn’t let a gay couple sleep in the same bad under their apparently judgemental roof.  I should have said it when people defended M&S employees who took it upon themselves not to sell things the shop sells because religion

Kosher delis shouldn’t have to sell bacon if they don’t want to. Your expectation upon entering a kosher deli is that bacon isn’t on the menu. If you want to dine on pork, there are plenty of other options.  But when you enter a shop that does sell pork, it’s insulting and discriminatory for employees to refuse to sell it to you.  It’s entirely contrary to the customers’ expectations. It’s just plain bullying, isn’t it?

I should have said it when people defended the supposed right of pharmacists to not sell people morning after pills on foolish and entirely unsubstantiated religious grounds.

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