Friday, November 21, 2014

Nugent, the Internet isn’t about you

I’m not very interested in Michael Nugent, but he keeps on writing stupid shit so I guess I’ll have a punt at it.

I don’t believe that PZ Myers is sexist. I believe that PZ supports equality for women, and that in his own mind he is trying to advance that aim, using methods that I believe are unjust and hurtful and counterproductive to feminism, equality and social justice.

But what would happen if PZ and his colleagues applied the same level of judgment about sexism to PZ’s own behaviour over the years, as they do to behaviour by other people, the most recent example being the shirt worn by Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor?

Oh Michael. I think you already know the answer. I used to think you were a decent human. You are sure as shit not.


  1. Anonymous5:58 am

    What is so indecent about those two paragraphs? You might at least try to make a point, LostIt.

  2. Why ought I, anonymous?